About Us

Welcome to the Freelance Veterinary website. 2017 sees the company going into its 30th year. Our company tag line “family values corporate world” epitomises our attitude. No automated telephone answering, dedicated named personnel who will give you as much help as you need with any enquiry small or large. We cherish feedback and believe it’s got us to where we are today so if there’s anything you’d like to comment on, good or bad, please let us know.

What we do

We are suppliers of veterinary Orthopaedic Implants, TTA, TPLO, Internal fixation, IMEX and vetLOX. Orthopaedic power tools, Endoscopy including flexible scopes, Rigid Arthroscopes, Laparoscopes, Camera systems, insufflators and the Vetseal vessel sealer.

We also sell a wide range of orthopaedic and general instrumentation and operating room equipment including lights, tables monitoring and anaesthesia.

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Who we are

  • Robert Towler
    Robert Towler Managing Director
  • James Towler
    James Towler Veterinary Director
  • Richard Towler
    Richard Towler Hospital Sales Director
  • Clive Cheesley
    Clive Cheesley Warehouse Assistant
  • Jill Male
    Jill Male Office & Finance Manager
  • Debbie Towler
    Debbie Towler Digital & Web Content Administrator
  • Viki Hamilton
    Viki Hamilton Finance Administrator
  • Stephen Hayes
    Stephen Hayes Procurement Manager
  • Bilitis Wrate
    Bilitis Wrate Veterinary Specialist
  • Lee Marshall
    Lee Marshall Marketing Manager
  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah Smith Purchasing Assistant
  • Sarah White
    Sarah White Business Development Manager
  • Loran Lincoln
    Loran Lincoln Veterinary Administrator
  • Rebecca Brooke
    Rebecca Brooke Administrator
  • Phil Keates
    Phil Keates Warehouse Manager
  • Roger Hayes
    Roger Hayes Warehouse Assistant
  • Darren Lucky
    Darren Lucky Biomedical Engineer
  • Alice Cole
    Alice Cole Hospital Sales Executive