Advantage Vetseal Vessel Sealing Unit With Autoclavable Handpiece
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Advantage VetSEAL Complete Package


Advantage VetSEAL Vessel Sealing Unit with Autoclavable Handpiece


The VetSEAL is an advanced electrosurgery generator from the human market with a fully autoclavable bipolar thermo fusion hand piece for sealing vessels up to 7mm. Vessels are permanantly sealed without leaving any foreign material, such as sutures in the body. A seal is achieved when bipolar current is passed through the tissue causing collagen and elastins to fuse without carbonisation. Thermo-fusion of vessels with the VetSEAL is fast and secure and can be repeated as many times as necessary during the procedure.

Included in the package is the VetSEAL Unit with single bipolar/VetSEAL footswitch, VetSEAL thermocut cable with handpiece and 5 VetSEAL blades.

Download product specification (PDF format)