Thank you to all those that visited our stand this year. We hope you enjoyed seeing us! Recently, we learned a lot about our customers and the knowledge they have of us. Many of you weren't aware of some of the things we do. We decided to remedy this by setting up a competition to see how many products and services you could name. Well a lot of you certainly went away and did your research! The results below are the top 20 entries. Congratulations to Stephen Kirby from Ashland Vets with 343 correct answers! Stephen Wins a £300 voucher!

BSAVA 2017 Voucher entry results top 20:

Position:    Name Practice Correctly named products/services
1 Stephen Kirby Ashland Vets 343
2 Chris Webb Hawthorne Lodge 182
3 Sarah Gill Locum Vet 158
4 Rachael Constant Berry House 90
5 Jayne Gibbons Harris, Hill & Gibbons 58
6 Sam Crook QMHA 45
7 Naomi Gough Damory Vets 42
8 Rachel Sant Mead Vets 38
9 Tara Pugh Williams Vets 38
10 Lisa Marshall Locum Vet 34
11 Caterina Zenari Sheriffs Highway Vet Hospital 32
12 Bo Yee Yau University of Glasgow 31
13 Jessica Harvey Barnsley Hall 31
14 Jennifer Dabbs Minster Vets 30
15 Zoe Gough Mildmay 30
16 Bryony Herrod-Taylor North Park Vet Group 27
17 Laura Dobson-Frith AAS Vets 27
18 Leanne Garrett Damory Vets 25
19 Poppy Sharples White Cross Vets 24
20 FayeTaylor Penmellyn Veterinary Group 24

If your name is on the board, email for your prize.



 Do you know what we sell? If you can tell us and tell us more than anyone else, a £300 voucher will be yours!

Look out for the confused gorilla in your BSAVA vouchers booklet at this years congress. He's confused because he can't quite fathom the simplicity of the challenge. Yes, seriously, all you have to do is tell us what we do! Whoever correctly names the most products and services will be awarded a £300 voucher to use against ANYTHING online through our veterinary website.

The reason for the challenge - a lot of our current customers have commented, 'i didn't realise you did that', so we thought we'd put everyone to the test and see exactly what you all know.

Hopefully, some will already know a lot, and hopefully some will do a bit of research. The aim for us is to educate people to understand the broadness of our inventory.

Best of luck!