Two Day Practical Course - 08/12/2018 & 09/12/2018.

Course content - 2 day course

Equipment – selection, cleaning and maintenance
Anaesthesia for routine and emergency laparoscopy
Diathermy and Vessel Sealers – available options
Establishing pneumoperitoneum – controversies about how to get started
Biopsy techniques – liver, pancreas, kidney
Neutering – ovariectomy, ovariohysterectomy

Many practices are on the edge of starting laparoscopy, others may have some of the kit but need some impetus to get going properly. This course, taught by Tim Charlesworth and provided through Freelance Surgical, is designed to help both groups.



Laparoscopy Testimonial:

After using Freelance Surgical’s laparoscopic equipment during a training course, I was very impressed by the quality of the kit and the knowledgeable support of our contact there, James. Setting up a laparoscopic surgical suite at our first opinion small animal practice felt like a big undertaking, and Freelance surgical’s good value, high quality equipment enabled us to make this a success.

James visited the practice, gave us a lot of time to review our current kit, advising us to retain what could be used in laparoscopic surgery, thus saving us from unnecessary purchases. He personally set up the electronics for the screens and patiently went through every piece of kit with our vets and nurses. He also put us in touch with other vets to talk to about the kit before we purchased it.

With help from Freelance Surgical and James, our foray into laparoscopic surgery has been a big success for us and our clients.


Watch the VetSeal perform a Laparoscopic Ovariectomy with ease!