TigerVetsealvetseal meets tigertiger spaytiger spay 2

Tiger Spayed using the VetSeal Vessel Sealer!

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall nr Bristol required the equipment to spay one of their Tigers quickly and efficiently. Here, you can see a typical laparoscopic setup...but not in a typical environment!

Veterinary director James Towler commented, "it's not everyday you get the opportunity to be so close to these highly motivated hunters and it was certainly not your 'typical day in the office'! After setting up the equipment I had a real shock when I turned around to find what appeared to be, 'a close friend' of the patient, pacing up and down outside the enclosure and just a few feet away".

Needless to say, the VetSeal performed flawlessly and the surgery was a success. James sharply returned to a more familiar working environment.