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Wildlife SOS Simon Cowell on Freelance Surgical Limited: 

"As a charity we rely on the generosity of businesses to continue our work. Dealing with Freelance Surgical has been both a pleasure and of great benefit to us – and this is not a statement I make lightly.

When James Towler heard of our plight, regarding some orthopaedic equipment we desperately needed, he came down to our headquarters and talked everything through with us, offering sensible advice on the kit we needed. He came back to us with a comprehensive itemised list and even included some important items we had not thought of. As to the price; Freelance Surgical had certainly gone the extra mile and included a considerable amount of donated kit.

In this day and age to find a corporate that actually does care, embraces our philosophy and also cares about the environment is a rare, heart-warming experience. I cannot recommend them more highly."

Simon Cowell MBE
Founder / Director
Wildlife Aid

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