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Bench Top Microscope

The advantage Benchtop Microscope is the ideal Microscope for both small and large animal applications. Objectives 4X, 10X, 40X(S), 100X(S Oil). Light 12V 20W Halogen.

Buy now, only £250.00


Zeiss OPMI MDU Ophthalmic Operating Microscope

Ophthalmic Operating Microscope on S3 base. Further pictures can be supplied please enquire.

Buy now, only £8,000.00


Bausch & Lomb Generic Phaco Handpiece CX7000 - New

Brand new Bausch & Lomb Generic Phaco Handpiece CX7000. Brand new but without container, we have more than one available so please enquire.

Buy now, only £750.00


Synthes Compact Air Drive Set With Ref 511.70 Handpiece

Set includes handpiece 511.70, Oscillating saw 511.80, Jacobs chuck 511.730, Wire driver 511.79, AO quick chuck 511.75, Synthes large QC 511.750, Reamer attachment 511.78 and Hose.

Buy now, only £3,500.00


Advantage MEDLED LED focusable Headlight system

The advantage MEDLED headlight offers the first focusable headlight system with a very comfy adjustable head band. The headlight is rechargeable and therefore the unit is totally untethered. Operating time is upto 70hrs max!

Buy now, only £375.00


Advantage Loupe 2.5x 340mm Working Distance

Quality Loupe mounted to sports glasses. This item can be mounted to our MEDLED head light.

Buy now, only £350.00