Veterinary laparoscopic equipment Stack
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Veterinary laparoscopic equipment Stack Veterinary laparoscopic Instruments

Laparoscopy Starter Package

SKU: Lap Package

Complete Laparoscopy Package for £10,950.
Please note the VetSEAL unit shown in the photo is an optional extra and is not included in the package price.

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Package contents : 

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Advantage Ecocam Camera + 18mm Focal Adaptor, Advantage Mini Xenon Light Source, Stack Trolley, Flat Screen Monitor 17", Fibre Optic Light Cable, D Flow Insufflator, 5mm 0 Degree Laparoscopic Telescope, 2 x 5mm Threaded Operating Port with Stopcock, 5.5mm Trocar, 11mm Threaded Instrument Port, 11mm Conical Trocar, 11>5mm Reduction Valve, 5mm Rotating Laparoscopic Babcock Forcep, 5mm Rotating Laparoscopic Biopsy Forcep, 5mm Rotating Laparoscopic Aggressive Grasping Forcep, 5mm Rotating Laparoscopic Metzenbaum Scissor, Laparoscopy Palpation Probe, Laparoscopic Knot Pusher, Laparoscopic Aspiration Canula, Verres Needle.