Acrylx™ Resin Cartridge
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Acrylx™ Resin Cartridge Acrylx™ Resin Cartridge

Acrylx™ Resin Cartridge

SKU: 70012
A single cartridge provides 50ml of mixed product - enough material to construct several small patient frames. Maximum shelf-life is maintained by refrigerated storage. If refrigerated, it is recommended to allow the cartridge to reach room temperature before use as not to alter setting characteristics. A 12 minute set time is typical. Each cartridge purchase includes five yellow and five pink mixing tips. External use only.
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Acrylx™ is a methacrylate based composite resin designed to simplify construction of pin and acrylic external fixators on toy breeds, avian, exotics and manibular fractures. Unlike other commonly used products, Acrylx™ has minimal odor and does not require pre-mixing before application. Acrylx™ is near radiolucent while providing abrasion resistance and high strength.