Are you still using REM pads?!

Upgrade to the safest electrode available - The GelVet Max

The GelVet Max provides increased safety for returning current flow to the generator, and acts as a fully waterproof and reusable pressure reduction pad.

The GelVet Max combines a safe and reusable patient return electrode with a pressure-reducing pad. It removes the need for disposable sticky plates during electro-surgical procedures, removing any risk of patient harm due to pad-site burns.

The Pad is filled with a viscoelastic polymer, which effectively reduces patient pressure sores associated with direct pressure, shearing and friction. The GelVet Max is ideal for a wide variety of surgical procedures making it a key item for both safety and simplicity during surgery.

No Need to Shave

Using the GelVet Max eliminates the need to shave the patient or check for metal work, avoid scar tissue or bony prominences. Just plug in and go.

No Pad-Site Burns

Unintended patient burns are a real concern with standard sticky plates. The solution is the GelVet Max, the safest return electrode available.


Stop buying consumable single use REM plates and save money by using the reusable GelVet Max.


The GelVet Max is compatible with all major electro-surgery generators.


Special Introductory Price

Get one GelVet Max and one connector for a special introductory offer.

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