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External Skeletal fixation (ESF) is a useful tool for the veterinary surgeon providing advantages in the management of numerous fractures types and locations. ESF helps maintain joint mobilty and use of the limb as well as providing a lower risk alternative to internal fixation where infection is present.

IMEX™ Veterinary, Inc. of Longview, Texas was founded in 1990 with the mission of providing the veterinary surgeon with premium, affordable external skeletal fixation (ESF) pin technology. Unlike traditional and newer KE frames the IMEX™ ESF system features dramatically improved connecting rods and positive threaded pins used directly through the primary clamp bolt to enable much simpler frames whilst improving stablility and patient safety.

With the IMEX™ ESF system there is much less emphasis on full-pins and frame complexity with safe pin corrider philosophy to reduce patient morbidity.

This makes the overall system more economical, reduces operative time, makes it safer and more effective.